Exclusive Distributorship Lasotronix - SMART m ST Laser System for Greece & Cyprus  

A complete and more effective treatment using Reliable laser technology useful in Dental offices and Clinics

SMARTmST : A New Era in Dental Disease Management

Endodontics / Periodontology / Microsurgery / Whitening 
Bio-modulation / Photo-Activated Disinfection (PAD)
Diagnostics / Aesthetic medicine / Therapy

A Revolution in Dental Care using the Next Generation Laser that incorporates up to 3 Wavelengths 980-635-405 nm 

The Lasotronix Laser System SMARTmST has :
Broadest range of applications / wide selection of treatment accessories / Simple and intuitive operation
Extensive database of procedures with the possibility of their modification and assignment to the patient
Greater precision of procedures with limited invasiveness for tissues / Fast diagnostics
Eliminating bacteria without antibiotics / Pain reduction
Stress-free treatment / Lowest operating costs

Advantages of Laser Therapy in Stomatology

Fast diagnostics /Effective reduction of bacteria and inflammation / Less anesthesia
Reduction of swelling and pain / Surgery without blood or stitches / Faster healing / Bone regeneration
Treatment of hypersensitivity

Lasotronix Stomatology SMARTmST Laser 


Why is there no single wavelength?

SMARTmST Dental diode laser uses three mutually complementary wavelengths (405nm + 635nm + 980nm) creating the most comprehensive device of this type that can be applied in every dental office. The 635nm wavelength applied in SMARTMST laser uses high transmission in water and thus demonstrates excellent photo biological effects. This wavelength is also optimized for photo chemical effects and local ozone therapy through toluidine blue activation.

The 980nm wavelength at low medium and high power densities has applications in thermal procedures that require high precision such as microsurgery, vaporization and coagulation. For the 980nm wavelength, the effects of excision or vaporization of tissue are also the fastest compared to other lasers used in surgical practice such as 808nm or 1064nm. In addition, the 980nm wavelength at high medium and low power densities can be used to perform medical whitening procedures. The 980nm is widely used for thermal therapy of joint, tendon and muscle pain. Pain therapy can be performed with the 980nm wavelength and is also used in endodontic procedures, where it works well for reducing bacteria from the system of root canals (so-called root canal disinfection), in periodontology to disinfect gingival pockets, and in the reduction of pathogens located in the epithelial tissue.