Diagnostic Medical Equipment Ophthalmic / Optical

The Occuity PM1 pachymeter - the world’s only non-contact, Handheld Optical Pachymeter

An easier, faster and safer to diagnosis of glaucoma by measuring corneal thickness in just a few seconds for All Eye Care Providers
Introducing the of Occuity’s revolutionary handheld optical ophthalmic devices, the PM1 pachymeter allows both clinicians and optometrists / technicians to take a corneal center thickness measurement quickly and easily.
Simple to use, the PM1 pachymeter is held in front of the subject’s eye at a comfortable working distance. To take a measurement, the operator simply touches the screen to put the pachymeter in scanning mode and holds it up to the patient’s eye.
There is no need to put anesthetic drops or touch the eye, removing the risk of infection transmission and making the whole process much more comfortable, safer and quicker for both the operator and subject.

Harmonious design, elegance, sturdiness, stability & unique reliability are characteristics of the Refractive Units & Chairs by F.I.S.O.

Fiso is using the most modern CAD technology, to provide concrete and timely responses to market demands and to develop high quality, functional and reliable products, with the aim of always pursuing and guaranteeing the full satisfaction of customers.
The Refraction Units by F.I.S.O. are made entirely of steel and wood, providing with great stability, sturdiness and reliability and are a clear evidence of F.I.S.O.’s meticulous attention to every detail.

All refraction units can be equipped with the whole range of ophthalmic chairs by F.I.S.O., available in several colors of fine upholstery. Also available in left-handed version.

F.I.S.O.’s production processes, characterized by the use of both modern machines and innovative technology, together with the careful attention to all details in every production phase, provide refraction units by F.I.S.O. with a high level of quality, resulting in a long lasting product reliability.

A Revolution in Eye Care!
The World's First Automated Exam for Binocular Vision Disorder

Automated Binocular Vision Testing for All Eye Care Providers
Introducing the First Automated Sensorimotor Exam Using Revolutionary Eye-Tracking Technology RightEye Sensorimotor™ allows eye care professionals to quickly and objectively identify and address Binocular Vision Disorder in every patient.

Built on the FDA-cleared RightEye Vision System™ and backed by over 30 years of science, RightEye Sensorimotor is designed to improve patient care and increase practice revenue.​

Optikam's technology is used to capture over 10 Million measurements a year!

Thousands of Eye Care Professionals have rely on Optikam's technology to produce their patients' lenses.

The OptikamPad iPad App is a complete dispensing solution that helps Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) assist patients at all stages of the eyewear dispensing process.
This revolutionary tool gets you a step closer to offering your patients a unique shopping experience.
A practice using pupilometers and sharpie pens to measure lenses will no longer impress customers. Lenses nowadays can be personalized to account for how the frame will be worn once dispensed. Superior lenses need to be dispensed with an equally superior tool.

Using cutting edge equipment is key to both elevating the customer experience and achieving continuous practice growth. Furthermore, modernizing your dispensary will only reinforce customer confidence in both the level of professionalism and the quality of the products being offered.

AI-based medical device (certified) designed to collect and analyze patient physiological parameters & vital signs

Aidmed One recorder is a portable medical device, designed to be worn on the chest by the patient using an attached chest strap and an attached pulse oximeter. It has sensors that collect the following bio-signals:

Bioimpendance – measuring changes in chest volume;
Accelerometer – measurement of patient movement and position;
Pressure sensor – airflow through the nose/mouth;
Thermometer – skin surface temperature;
Microphone – volume level (sound pressure, such as coughing);
ECG – one discharge based on silicone electrodes without gel;
SpO2 sensor – pulse rate and oxygen saturation of the blood – wireless sensor.

Mobile App (Aidmed Health) allows the patient to view the measurement results & allows data to be transmitted from the registrator to the Aidmed Health application on the patient’s phone using BLE technology.