Risk & Compliance / Revenue Cycle Solution

BIOMED brings a combination of professionals with clinical, reimbursement, data analytic and information technology expertise to support health care providers and their counsel in regulatory compliance and government enforcement matters. We have assisted medical centers, clinics, health systems and other Outpatient treatment and diagnostic facilities.
Our Services :
• Clinical documentation and billing compliance
• Evaluation of medical necessity and levels of care
• Comprehensive corporate compliance program assessments and implementation
• Compliance program monitoring and auditing work plan development and outsourcing
• Contract compliance assessments
• Quality of care reviews
• Provide education on clinical documentation.

In the face of growing financial pressures and changing legislative requirements, hospitals, health systems, and physician practices must manage increasing financial pressures and changing legislative requirements. They need to control operating costs, while providing high-quality care to the communities they serve. Increasingly, providers are recognizing that they can only achieve this with effective revenue cycle management. 

At BIOMED we identify opportunities and provides tailored revenue cycle solutions to create a clear infrastructure and a team-based culture for optimal revenue. Our team works collectively with physicians and hospital revenue cycle teams providing staff with needed support before, during, and after implementation to ensure they achieve sustainable results. We bring deep experience and best practices to revenue cycle enhancement initiatives.