Performance Effectiveness Solutions for Physicians

As risk is shifted to providers, growing pressure on margins demands close attention to operational processes and practices. At the same time, government and third-party payers are scrutinizing quality and outcomes in many areas of healthcare. Our comprehensive operational analysis help health systems fully realize the benefit of their physician enterprise by helping them move from simple aggregation to integration. At BIOMED we help physician enterprises, hospitals, and health systems design, develop, and implement solutions that foster high-performing physicians and align these organizations with healthcare systems. 

We can help providers achieve alignment and integration through comprehensive operational analyses focused on: 
• Patient access, physician, and information flow  
• Clinical and related health services mix 
• Cost containment 
• Geographic footprint  
• Human resources 
• Managed care contracting 
• Staff and provider productivity and relevant KPIs 
• Comprehensive and operational assessments 
• Design and deployment of operational, quality, and continuous improvement programs 
• Alternative practice management option analysis
• Implementation assistance & proper execution