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Diagnostic Equipment Portable / Handheld  Optical Ophthalmic 

Occuity - UK
RightEye - USA
Optikam - Canada

Aidmed - Poland

Therapeutic Equipment Ophthalmic Retina/ Micro Pulse Lasers

OD-OS  Navilas- Germany

 Diagnostic Equipment Dental X-Ray/ Scanners/ AI / Dental HR Imaging

HDX WILL Europe GmbH - Germany

Therapeutic Equipment Dental Lasers / Imaging

Lasotronix - Poland

Surgical MedTech Medical Imaging / Rec

TEAC - Germany

Microspecialties - USA 

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We are helping our clients thrive in industries ranging from healthcare to high-tech medical devices and project management turn-key services, and beyond. Focused in products' portfolio sales & marketing strategy, we leverage our deep industry's expertise and operational excellence to create solutions that properly work

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